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About Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo is the founder of Shambo Consulting LLC.

Finding his purpose to be of service to people in this world, started already at a very young age. As a boy, Steffo was always intrigued by the mysterious and unknown. His questions concerning the nature of reality, Truth, and the meaning of life led him to leave his home country in search of answers at a young age.

In 2007, he set out on a pilgrimage around the world and he traveled to more than 21 countries, lived in several spiritual communities, and sat at the feet of enlightenment masters – among them Sadhguru, Mooji, and Prem Baba.

After nonstop seeking and traveling for four years Steffo finally discovered traditional Yoga, and he started to study esoteric yogic philosophy and practice in the foothills of the Himalayas. He returns to Mother India yearly to continue his study of the traditional texts of Yoga. He completed a four-year spiritual curriculum of 950-hours of accredited Yoga study and practice.

Steffo is a Yoga Alliance certified and registered Yoga Teacher (RYS-500). In 2014 he completed a 500-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Classes And Trainings

Kriya Yoga Online Coaching

Have You Practiced Yoga For Awhile And Feel You Have Plateaued?

You Are Not Alone.

Have You Ever Felt Like:

  • Your practice is lacking depth?
  • You are repeating the same routine again and again?
  • You would like to develop a steady home practice?
  • You don’t know enough about the energy movements in the asanas?

Then The Kriya Yoga Practice Is Something For You

Yoga practice can turn into an enlightening experience when the asanas are practiced slowly and sequentially in a way that opens and aligns the seven chakras of our subtle body. The “Kriya Yoga Practice”, also known as Dynamic Hatha Yoga, or Chakra Yoga, is an energy based system that are practiced in a slower pace where the postures are held for longer lengths of time, which not just amplifies the effects of asanas, but helps you connect with your highest-self by releasing the blocked energy in all seven chakras.

The Kriya Yoga Practice classes offer a greater understanding on how different postures and sequences can open different energy centers or chakras and provide a channel for the kundalini (a form of primal energy located in the base of the spine) to ascend resulting spiritual evolution and development of various qualities.

Learn Kriya Yoga in conjugation with the knowledge of chakras and five elements and learn the yoga methods to improve health, increase confidence and happiness while expanding your consciousness.

The Kriya Yoga Practice is suitable for anyone who desires to live a life we all want to live

A life of abundance, peace, prosperity, happiness and love. Practicing dynamic hatha yoga can bring profound transformation in your life. Everything you ever dreamt of is at your fingertips…you only need to learn the method to attract them. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? It’s about manifesting the heart’s desire into your life. The ancient teachings of yogic masters provide the precise guideline on how to attract any energy into our life, and nurture our dreams into material reality.

The Kriya Yoga Practice works towards spiritual evolution and life development. It is not just about practicing asanas for physical wellbeing, but improving all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In your sessions, you will learn many things, which are not usually taught in most yoga classes. You will learn how to awaken the latent power within you and propel your life towards limitless possibilities, pure bliss and enlightenment.

In each class you will learn about a particular method and its benefits, along with lessons on yogic lifestyles. A full one-hour session will include practicing yoga postures in spiritual ways, pranayama breathing exercises, and mediation. You will also learn how to set up your own home practice and applying the kriya yoga methods to improve any aspect of your life.

I’m providing the Krya Yoga Practice as personal coaching via Skype and Zoom. In this way, we can discuss about your personal goals and pick the right methods that suit your needs, and work together on your goal. Skype coaching achieves a similar affect of personal exchange. Based on your condition, environment and your goal, I will design practices for your personal growth and spiritual nourishment.

No matter which part of the world you are staying right now, as long as you have Internet access, you can stay tuned for our yoga practice sessions. Practice asanas, meditations, pranayama breathing, tailored for you, in the privacy of your own home.

Do you know that there are more than 1300 yoga poses practiced today, and each one have at least one unique effect?

Scientific studies confirmed some of the effects of different asanas. However, there is a unique spiritual effect of each posture, and the knowledge of utilizing those postures for promoting personal growth has been passed over to us by a handful of gurus who received that wisdom from the adepts who spent their whole life exploring the infinite realm of Kriya Science.

Like yoga postures, each yoga meditation and pranayama breathing exercise has its own unique nature. When these approaches are combined in the appropriate way, it can produce wonderful result. Different meditation methods can elevate you into different level of consciousness. However, the aim of all the yogic meditations is to attain self-realization and eventually spiritual enlightenment. We all have different needs and practice goals. Based on your goal, we will choose the right asanas, pranayama exercises, and meditation method, so that you can get the desired result in the most efficient way

It is not surprising that many people have practiced yoga and quitted within few months because their practice failed to bring desired outcome. If you practice asanas, meditations, and pranayama exercises without knowing if they are ideal for you, your practice may not produce the intended result.

Did you know that the benefits of yoga practice are not limited to improving your health, and obtaining self-realization?

When the various yogic methods are combined in the right way, you can develop greater self-awareness, improvement in performance and increase in energy level. You will control your mind, and control the negative impulses that cause dissatisfaction about life and disrupt the inner harmony. You will bathe in healing energy, and feel more connected with the universal mind. Kriya Yoga Sadhana brings the microcosm or the individual being in resonance with the macrocosm or the universe by opening the energy centers of our subtle spiritual body.

I develop the best personalized program to suit your physical, emotional, and spiritual goal, from attaining the desired body shape and flexibility to self-realization and spiritual evolution.

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